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Chapati Plate Cum Puffer

R3S Equipments’ Chapati Plate Cum Puffer is a multifunctional appliance tailored for chapati production. This equipment combines the functions of a hot plate for cooking chapatis with a puffer for puffing them, streamlining the chapati-making process in commercial settings.


The R3S Chapati Plate Cum Puffer is a versatile and essential tool for efficient chapati production in your kitchen. This innovative equipment combines the functionality of a chapati plate with a puffer, ensuring quick and uniform cooking of chapatis while maintaining their traditional taste and quality.

At R3S Equipment, we understand the significance of consistent and perfectly cooked chapatis. Our Chapati Plate Cum Puffer is meticulously designed to cater to the demands of high-volume chapati production.

Crafted for performance and reliability, this equipment features a flat cooking surface (plate) for chapati preparation and a puffer to puff up the chapatis directly on the same surface. It ensures uniform heating and quick puffing, resulting in perfectly cooked chapatis.

What sets R3S Chapati Plate Cum Puffers apart is their dual functionality and efficiency. The combination of chapati plate and puffer optimizes the cooking process, reducing cooking time and ensuring uniform puffing of chapatis.

R3S Equipment offers various models of Chapati Plate Cum Puffers, catering to different kitchen sizes and chapati production volumes. From small-scale kitchens to large commercial setups, our equipment is designed to meet diverse needs.

Apart from delivering high-quality equipment, R3S Equipment provides comprehensive support. Our team assists in selecting the ideal Chapati Plate Cum Puffer, offers guidance on usage, and ensures a smooth integration into your kitchen workflow.

Invest in R3S Chapati Plate Cum Puffers to revolutionize your chapati cooking process. Ensure consistent cooking, quick puffing, and streamline chapati production in your kitchen for optimal efficiency.

In summary, R3S Equipment’s Chapati Plate Cum Puffers are synonymous with versatility and efficiency in chapati preparation. Upgrade your cooking process, ensure uniform puffing, and experience the reliability and quality offered by our purpose-built equipment. Choose R3S for innovation, consistency, and enhanced kitchen performance.

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