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Double Deck Oven

R3S Equipments’ Double Deck Oven maximizes baking capacity, providing dual tiers for efficient food production processes in professional settings. Tailored for commercial use, it optimizes baking processes with its two-tier design, doubling baking capacity without compromising quality. Its efficiency ensures simultaneous baking, perfect for meeting high-volume demands in bakeries, cafes, or culinary institutions. This oven stands as an indispensable asset, facilitating efficient baking processes and streamlining production without sacrificing the quality or consistency of baked goods. Its dual-tier design sets a benchmark for productivity and efficiency, ensuring a seamless baking experience in professional kitchens.


The R3S Double Deck Oven is a versatile and high-performance baking solution designed to meet the demands of professional bakeries and kitchens, offering increased capacity without compromising on quality.

Crafted for efficiency and precision baking, this oven features two separate baking chambers stacked on top of each other. Each chamber operates independently, allowing simultaneous baking of different products or larger quantities, optimizing production without sacrificing consistency.

What distinguishes the R3S Double Deck Oven is its ability to maintain precise temperature control and even heat distribution in each chamber. This ensures uniform baking results for various items like bread, pastries, pizzas, and more.

Constructed with durable materials and advanced technology, these ovens are built to withstand rigorous use while delivering exceptional baking performance. Their design ensures optimal airflow and heat retention for consistent and delicious baked goods.

R3S Equipment offers a range of Double Deck Oven models, accommodating different bakery sizes and production requirements. From smaller artisanal bakeries to high-capacity commercial kitchens, our ovens are designed to cater to diverse baking needs.

Invest in the R3S Double Deck Oven to enhance baking capabilities. Increase production capacity, maintain baking quality, and experience the reliability and efficiency offered by our purpose-built ovens.

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